Date With Data: How to Build Your Strategy To Transform Your Credit Union

Every interaction you have with a member is an opportunity to leverage the data at your fingertips to tell your story, or the members.

Only 30% of financial institutions have a data strategy, which means we have some work to do in the Credit Union space. The amount of data that the Credit Union industry has is so vast and at times complex, so how do we build a strategy that is something we can sink our teeth into and utilize to make real impact?

We will be joined by a powerhouse group of speakers in a roundtable format to discuss this, and more. Anne Legg, Author of Big Data/Big Climb, and CU consultant and thought leader on data. Anne has worked with over 600 senior leader CU professionals. Jamie Jackson, CEO of Arkatechture, who is an IT professional with over 20 years of diverse experience in the financial world. Arkatechture specializes in combining a data lake with business intelligence and clean reporting. Jonathan Taylor, CEO of the CUSO CU Sol, who focuses on utilizing data for the underserved. And CRMNEXT’s James Gilbert, with 20+ years of experience with big data, marketing, and BI.

To serve our members in a way that truly changes their lives, we need to access data at the right time and in the right place, and deliver value to them with convenience.